The School is situated in a residential suburb in New Cairo, just twenty minutes away from the city center. The area includes a number of other private schools; it is located on a plateau which endows it with fresh, unpolluted air.
The school occupies an area of about 8,269 m2 and boosts all needed facilities for one of the best education experiences available.

Academic Facilities

  • Classrooms:
    The School has 44 classrooms. Every classroom is fully equipped with the latest technology. There are 3 classes per grade level (K-12), and 2 Pre-k classes.
  • Science Laboratories:
    3 science labs are equipped with the latest technology and best lab gadgets of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our science labs are the perfect environment for hands-on activities and scientific experiments.
  • Computer Laboratories:
    The 3 computer labs are fitted with state-of-the-art hardware and the latest software as well as a super-high speed internet access.
  • Library:
    Our school has 2 libraries. One is dedicated for Middle & High School, and another is dedicated for KG & Elementary. Our library books and cataloguing system are provided by Follet International.
  • Language Laboratory:

    Professional lab which will complement our Foreign Language Department to ensure fluency in the articulation of languages.
  • Music Rooms
  • Art Rooms
  • Athletic Facilities:
    • Soccer Field: Semi-Professional [20m x 40m]
    • Track & Field: 4-Lane Track
    • Multi-Purpose Court: Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Badminton, etc.
    • Tennis Court
    • Swimming Pool: Semi-Olympic [25m x 12.5m]