Middle School

It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself, Linda Haliti, as the Stage Principal of Global Paradigm Middle School. All the staff and myself, are proud to provide an excellent middle school experience for our students. 

The middle school provides a program and an environment designed to help students progress intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally in ways which, enhance the individual’s self-image, offer opportunities for success, foster “active” learning, promote exploration , and encourage students to assume responsibility for their own behavior, as well as become responsible members of society. We provide many different learning opportunities for our kids. Not only do they have a rich academic curriculum, but they also explore their talents and abilities in music, technology, and Art. In addition, we offer many varied after school activities to help our students further develop their personal interests and talents. 

This year we will to work on building on our Project Based Learning (PBL) program – a strong student-centered approach that encourages inquiry, depth of thinking, and dealing with real life experiences and challenges – ensuring the further integration of subjects in a dynamic and collaborative manner. Emphasis will be on the learning environment being more engaging, creating relevant experiences and increasing rigor through high level thinking. We value your input and look forward to a quality home-school collaborative relationship. We are proud of our school! Our students are great, our staff is exemplary, and our goal is to work together with parents to make middle school the most positive experience it can be