Grades 5-12 (Summer Reading)

Grades 5-9 (Summer Reading)

Dear Parents,

GPIS is proud to inform you that we have registered for the MyOn reading program. We will be using this program for 2016 summer reading. Students are required to read 10 short stories, and complete the short quiz that is given at the end of each story. All students already have their usernames and passwords for MyOn, we will continue to use the same ones they were assigned during the school year.

MyOn guarantees that students are reading books appropriate for their level. At the beginning of the registration students take a short test which measures their Lexile score and reading level. All book options provided to the students are according to their reading levels.

Teachers receive a report from MyOn about the number of books the students read, how long it took them to read the books, and what score they got on the quizzes.

Students will be able to start their summer reading on July 1, 2016.

In addition to the summer reading, feel free to encourage your children to do some grammar practice for their grade level from the following links:

Grades 10-12 (Summer Reading)

Dear Parents,

In our continuous effort to promote the importance of reading, we chose one summer reading text book for grades 10-12. Students need to read "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck. This famous American novel is not being covered in any of the classes, but it is one of the major marks of American Literature. Students need to complete the attached guided reading questions as they read this novel. When they return from the summer vacation, the guided reading questions will be collected by the teachers for a grade, in addition, students will be tested on the novel.

For students who may find they need some extra help with grammar skills, the following are some links to help students based on their grade level: