Ministry of Higher Education Rules and Regulations:

General Guidelines for international certificates

Students must have 3 years of schooling after obtaining Adadeya (grade 9) certificate or its equivalent. Those who don’t fulfill this requirement of having 3 years of schooling after grade 9 will not be accepted to university during the same academic year and must apply for admission in the following year. They can be accepted to university after completing this requirements and according to admissions guidelines of the academic year in which they are applying.

Students must submit official transcripts when applying to universities. Report cards will not be accepted.


Guide line of accepting American Diploma:

Students should have passed 8 subjects from those required for each faculty (details follow) after completing grade 12, such that each subject is at least one credit, and a maximum of 3 subjects may be taken from grade 11. (Some private universities, such as BUE & GUC, may have exceptions to this rules).

The Supreme Council for universities has decided that the minimum accepted sat 1 score should be at least 60% of the total score (i.e. 890 out of 1600).

The Supreme Council for Universities has also stipulated that the minimum accepted SAT II score should be a total of 1100 in 2 subjects out of 1600 as follows:

For the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Physiotherapy the 2 subjects required are Biology and one of the following:  Physics or Chemistry, and Mathematics.

For the faculties of Engineering, Information Technology, Computer, and Fine Arts (Architecture Section) the 2 subjects required are Mathematics and one of the following: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


The Supreme Council for Universities has decided that starting the academic year 2013/14, transcripts shall be evaluated based upon the following:

 40% from the average of the 8 subjects required (usually 5 from grade 12 and 3 from grade 11 as previously mentioned)

 60% from the total SAT I score as follows: The best SAT I scores shall be chosen so that the maximum score is 1050 out of 1600.

 Those who achieve 1050 or above will be given an additional 15% bonus.

Students who took the SAT II exam will be given an additional 15% to their score.

 The total score will be calculated as a percentage of the above.


Year 2017-2018, GR 11   Grade   Year 2018-2019, GR 12   Grade

English language               B                                                             English literature             

Math (Pre-Calculus/Business Math))       B+           Advanced Math (Calculus/ Business

                                                                                                Math/Statistics) A-

Social Studies   

Chemistry           C+           Physics B+                          

Biology                 Statistics              C+

French / German                                                                              computer            A+

Arabic / Religion 11                                                                          Arabic / Religion 12         



B ( 85 ) + B+ ( 89) + C+ ( 79 ) + A- ( 90 ) +A+ ( 100 ) + B+ ( 89 ) + C+ (79 ) +A+ ( 100 ) = 711 ÷8 = 88.875 x 40% =  35.55 %


 Then the school score is 35.55% / 40%

SAT 1 = 1050 x 60 ÷ 1600 = 36.25 %

SAT 2 = 1100 x 15 ÷ 1600 = 10.31%

ADD 1 + 2 + 3


Total = 35.55 + 36.25 + 10.31 = 8


Application process in Egypt

You can fill out a paper application for the AUC, GUC, MIU and MSA. Moreover AUC and GUC consider electronic applications (sending the application on-line directly)

Most colleges require you to submit several things when you apply.

1-   College application

2-   High school transcript. 3- SAT score report.

4-   TOEFL or IELETS may be required.

5-   Letters of recommendation (may be required)

6-   One or more personal statements or essays (may be required)

7-   Enrollment letters stating the school academic years you’ve covered.

8- Applying for financial aid is a separate process that requires you to fill out a separate set of forms. You will require to list information about you and your family.

AUC considers the academically qualified fall (September) applicants for Early Conditional Admission. This offer is extended till the spring (March) of the senior year. Applicants must complete all graduation requirements, achieve a level of academic performance, submit satisfactory TOEFL/ELPET scores and all required documents prior to enrolling in the University.

Applicants accepted is offered Early Conditional acceptance letter. Those currently enrolled, must provide the University with final official Transcript. If the final academic results are not comparable to those on which the offer of Early Conditional Admission was based, the University reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission


The College Essay

At the AUC and other international colleges, the college essay is the one part of the application process that gives students the opportunity to inform admissions officials about their special abilities, interests, and qualities, or about any significant factor might set them apart from a large number of qualified applicants. As some colleges begin to doubt the usefulness of standardized test scores, college essays are being given more weight than ever in the admissions process. While a superb essay will not cancel out a poor high school record, a well-written essay can make a student with decent grades stand out from the other applicants.

Colleges that ask students to write essays really do want to know the person behind the numbers. The essay helps the admissions officer reading the application know the student in a way that four years of statistics, scores and grades will not. A good essay can present the student as an interesting and valuable person, one who is worth knowing, who is genuine, thoughtful, engaging and capable. An essay can also reflect any setbacks the student has suffered or explain any gaps in the academic record.


Essays are evaluated on three basic criteria:

  • The student’s ability to use standard written English that is correctly written, punctuated, and contains correct grammar, usage and syntax.
  • The content, substance, and depth of insight which reflects the student’s ability to think about himself or herself and to convey authentic feelings or opinions about a topic.
  • Creativity and originality which reflects an individual who would bring qualities such as intellect, initiative, energy and a fresh viewpoint to the college community.


Athletic Scholarship


Aerospace engineering Department, Cairo University

The courses delivered to our undergraduates in four academic years, following the general preparatory year courses for all Engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering. Each academic year has 2 semesters each extending for 15 weeks with 3 additional weeks for final exams. Students study Aerospace Engineering, Airplane Design, Propulsion / Rockets Diploma, Air Transport Diploma.

Egyptian Aviation Academy


Studying in the Egyptian Aviation Academy will offer you the following:

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Instrument Rating (IR)

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


These courses will be covered over two years of studying

Eligibility Requirements of Enrolment

  • High School Diploma and transcript.
  • Medical classes pass.
  • Passing English Test ICAO Level 4.
  • Passing Computer Test.

Advantages of MFC Enrollment:

  • Studying according to the most modern international practical and the cortical program in the Aviation Career.
  • Flying the most Sophisticated types of training planes in the world.
  • Highly experienced and professional staff in practical, simulation and the cortical training activates.
  • MFC is Certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) .
  • Accommodation in a five star hotel in EL – Arish Air Port .
  • Free and air – conditioned transportation.
  • Comprehensive medical care during the study.

Student guide is available in the campus of Misr Flying College in 6 October Air Port – EL – Wahat Road. Will find the conditions of acceptance, the payment system as well as the required documents.



Hotline: 16482
Tel: +202 27589990-8
Fax: +202 27581041

The GUC is established in cooperation with the State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart, under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Embassy in Cairo, the Arab/German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK), the Federal Ministry of education and research, Germany, The State University of Tubingen and The State University of Mannheim.

Schools at the GUC:

1- Media engineering and technology
2- Digital media engineering and technology
3- Information engineering and technology networks
4- Communication
5- Electronics
6- Engineering and material science
7- Design and production
8- Mechatronics Engineering
9- Civil engineering
10- Architecture design
11- Pharmacy and biotechnology
12- Management technology
13- Applied science and art

GUC Admission policy and requirements

According to GUC mission, the university is committed to attracting academically outstanding, creative and dynamic high school graduates to pursue academic excellence in teaching and research, as well as to develop their personal capabilities and potentialities.

  • The university and the Egyptian Ministry of Education require that all students entering GUC undergraduate program complete a minimum of twelve years of primary and secondary education prior to enrollment in university courses. Applicants must provide proof, in the form of a first-year primary certificate or Idadia Certificate followed by three years of study as proof that they have completed at least twelve years of education.
    Having successfully completed (8) different subjects.
  • Subjects less than one credit are not accepted.
  • Subjects calculated should include the qualifying subjects relevant to the study group of choice at GUC. (Please refer to the qualifying subjects table for more details)
  • Subjects can be calculated from Grade 12, 11 or 10. Minimum number of subjects to be calculated from G12 is 4, maximum number of subjects from G11 is 4, and to be completed accordingly from G10 if needed and maximum number of subjects to be calculated from G10 is 2.
  • Subjects as PE, music, yearbook, religion… are not counted.
  • New SAT I minimum Score is 800/1600 ONLY as a passing grade
  • SAT II is highly recommended & gives extra bonus for student’s overall evaluation & tuition category (minimum accepted score is 900/1600).
  • SAT II will be mandatory only in case student wishes to join the Engineering Group and didn’t take Advanced Math in school Transcript in grades 10, 11 or 12
  • Subjects to be accepted in SAT II:
  • For the Engineering group: Math is a necessity + another scientific subject
  • For the Biological sciences group: SAT II is highly recommended & gives extra bonus for student’s overall evaluation & tuition category
  • Languages as French and subjects like history are not accepted in SATII


Please note that obtaining minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance



KM 28 Cairo – Ismailia Road (Ahmed Orabi District)

Cairo – Egypt.

Short Number: 19-MIU / 19648

Telephone Number: +02 (2) 24772033-34-35-36-37.

Mobile Number: +20 (10) 2850012-13-14-15-16-17.

Fax: +20 (2) 24772038


MIU is committed to promoting and sustaining academic and research programs that integrate instructions, research, and community service. It endeavors to prepare students to assume positions of leadership in the various professions, effectively contributing to the social, cultural and technological development of the nation. As part of its continuous endeavor to add an international dimension to its academic excellency, MIU aims to establish ties with different universities around the world. It recognizes the necessity to prepare graduates who are internationally competent communicators, negotiators, teachers, policy-makers, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Hence came the idea of establishing MIU’s International Office that offers cross-cultural programs with various renowned international universities.

Schools in MIU:

1-      Al Alsun

2-      Business administration and International Trade

3-      Pharmacy

4-      Computer sciences

5-      Oral and dental medicine departments

6-      Mass communication

Faculty of Engineering:

1-      Electronics and Communication engineering

2-      Architecture


Admission requirements

  • _An official transcript with grades 10, 11, and 12, stamped from the NCA-CASI or NAAS, the school, and certified by the cultural attaché of Egypt in Washington (A copy of the original can be submitted until the student is accepted.)
  • _The Diploma must be stamped by the NCA-CASI or NAAS, the school and certified by the cultural attaché of Egypt in Washington. (A copy of the original can be submitted until the student is accepted.)
  • _SAT certificate, stamped by AMIDEAST
  • _HSD holders from schools located outside Egypt must get the school’s “Accreditation Letter” from AMIDEAST.
  • _HSD holders from the USA must have their certificates and proof of 12 years of schooling stamped from the cultural attaché of Egypt in Washington and the school.
  • _HSD holders from Arab countries must have their certificates stamped from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country and the Egyptian Embassy.  An official copy SAT-1 with a minimum score of 1200.


AUC New Cairo

Tel: +20.2.2615.1000

Fax: +20.2.27957565

AUC holds institutional accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States   (MSCHE /Middle States).

In Egypt, AUC operates within the framework of the 1975 protocol with the Egyptian government, which in turn is based on the 1962 Cultural Relations Agreement between the Egyptian and the U.S. governments.

In the United States, AUC is licensed to grant degrees and is incorporated by the State of Delaware.

AUC has some of the only professionally accredited programs in the region, including the computer science program, which is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET; the School of Sciences and Engineering’s construction, electronics and mechanical engineering programs, which are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET; and the School of Business, whose business programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International.

Through AUC’s six schools and 30 undergraduate programs, AUC students will carry out independent research, join collaborative research projects with professors, pursue internships with local, national and international firms, as well as conduct fieldwork in their areas of study.

Schools at the AUC

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts
  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic Studies
  3. Art
  4. a)     Graphic Arts & Design
  5. b)    Traditional Egyptian Arts
  6. Communication and Media Arts
  7. Economics
  8. Egyptology
  9. English and Comparative Literature
  10. History
  11. Political Science
  12. Integrated Marketing Communication
  13. Middle East Studies
  14. Multimedia Journalism
  15. Music Technology
  16. Philosophy
  17. Psychology
  18. Sociology
  19. Theater
  • Bachelor of business administration.
  1. a)     Business Administration.
  2. b)    Management of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Bachelor of Science.
  1. a)     Actuarial Science
  2. b)    Architectural Engineering
  3. c)     Biology
  4. d)    Chemistry
  5. e)     Computer Engineering
  6. f)      Computer Science
  7. g)     Construction Engineering
  8. h)    Electronics Engineering
  9. i)       Mathematics
  10. j)       Mechanical Engineering
  11. k)    Petroleum Engineering
  12. l)       Physics

AUC Admission Policy and Procedures

The American University in Cairo admits undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking applicants for the fall and spring semesters. The university, in keeping with the long-standing protocol with the Egyptian government, maintains an enrollment of undergraduate degree-seeking students that is at least seventy-five percent Egyptian. Accordingly, AUC establishes quotas regarding the offer of admission and enrollment of non-Egyptian students.

1-       The university and the Egyptian Ministry of Education require that all students entering AUC undergraduate program complete a minimum of twelve years of primary and secondary education prior to enrollment in university courses. Applicants must provide proof, in the form of a first-year primary certificate or Idadia Certificate followed by three years of study as proof that they have completed at least twelve years of education.

2-      AUC requires a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) from an accredited school.

3-      Students must also submit official copies SAT I test score. The recommended scores are a combined total score of 1350 with a minimum score of 450 On each component or comparable ACT scores.

4-      Students with a verbal SAT I score of 1000, with a minimum score of 450 On each component, will be exempted from the English placement exam and placed into RHET 101/102

5-      Applicants not exempted must submit recent official test results from the TOEFL I IELTS.

6-       Students will be evaluated using a combination of both GPA and SAT 1

7-      Students who have taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses may be granted transfer credits; however, students will not receive additional points to their GPA.

8-      Requirements for engineering (architectural, computer, construction, electronics, mechanical or petroleum engineering): Advanced Math (calculus), physics and chemistry, could be covered in grade 10, 11 or 12. A minimum SAT 1- Math score is of 560 is required to be eligible for admission.

9-     Other majors do not have especial course requirements.

10-   Students are encouraged to complete a well-balanced university preparatory program that includes

  • Three years of mathematics including algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
  • Two years of a second modern language.
  • Two years of a laboratory science.
  • Three years of social sciences.
  • One year of fine arts course work and training.

A program of physical and health education



Cairo – Suez Desert Road

–          El Sherouk City Hotline: 19BUE (19283)

–           Tel. : +202 2687-5892/3

–          Fax: +202 26875889 / 97

–          Postal No. : 11837 – P.O. Box 43

–          E-mail:

–          Admissions e-mail:

All BUE degree program are validated by a UK partner university and are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. The Engineering, Informatics and Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science programs are validated by Loughborough University. The Nursing program is validated by Queen Margaret University; Edinburgh. The BUE currently has four main faculties – Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, and Nursing.

Schools in BUE:

Faculty of Engineering

1- Civil Engineering

2-Chemical Engineering

3- Electrical & communication engineering

4- Mechanical Engineering

5- Petroleum Engineering

Faculty of informatics and computer science:

1-Computer science

2- Software engineering

3- Information system

4-Computer networks

Faculty of Economics:

1-      Business administration

2-      Faculty of nursing

3-      Political science

Admission requirements:

BUE admission requirements comply fully with the regulations set by the Egyptian Council of Private Universities (CPU).Applicants must have evidence of twelve years of schooling or completed three years of secondary school after the Egyptian Preparatory School Certificate (Idadiya).

*All students must have attained Grades 10, 11 and 12 in the American system. Eight subjects of at least one credit each are required with an official transcript .At least four subjects must have been passed in Grade 12 and a maximum of two subjects may have been passed in Grade 10

*SAT I with a minimum score of 1200. SAT II is optional with a minimum score of 1100

Minimum Grades for Admission – Engineering 75% – Informatics & Computer Science 70% – Business Administration 70% – Economics 65% – Political Science 65% – Nursing 55%

Subject requirement for the Faculty of Engineering/Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science:

English Language or English Literature Mathematics -Advanced Mathematics- Chemistry-Physics-in addition to any other three subjectSAT II, applicants should have taken Mathematics in addition to physics or chemistry, if they wish to join either the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science

Subject requirement For the Faculty of Nursing:

English Language or English Literature-Biology –Chemistry-Physics -One subject of Math branches or Economics- In addition to any three other subjects.


The Modern Sciences and Arts University

Main Admission office: 26 July Mehwar Road intersections

With Wahat Road, 6 October City.

Hotline: 16672

Tel: 3837-1517/8

Fax:(+202) 3837 1543

Down Town Admission Office: 11/14 Amer St. off El Mesaha Sq. Dokki .

Tel: 3336-7844/5 Fax: (+202) 3760 3811

Website (


Schools in MSA:

Faculty of arts and design

Faculty of biotechnology

Faculty of computer science

Faculty of dentistry

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Languages

Faculty of Management sciences

Faculty of mass communication

Faculty of Pharmacy


Admission requirements

-Early admission

Early admission is a competitive program that guarantees university applicants a place at MSA University prior to the release of their high school results, provided students meets the admission requirements and the minimum criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education. It gives you the privilege of a 10% scholarship on Tuition Fees for the first academic semester, for all faculties. Provides you with higher chances of acceptance than regular admission as you receive the priority of acceptance over other applicants. Allow you to re-sit once for ELAT, if needed, to improve results


Fill out an application form, ranking two faculties of your choice, before the deadline.

Pay the Early Admission Fee of EGP.2500, which will be deducted from the university’s tuition fees.

Sit for the English placement Exam. All Early Admission students must take one of their two ELAT exams before 16/7. If they fail to do so, only one ELAT exam will be administered.

You are then issued an Early Admission ID Card and a conditional acceptance letter from the admission office, which states that MSA University guarantees the applicant a place, providing that he/she meets the admission requirements and the minimum criteria set by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education

Important Notice

NOT LATER than August 15th are the places officially reserved for the applicants. The university reserves the right to allocate the reserved place to another applicant after the above-mentioned date. Original documents, final certificates (endorsed) and the remainder of the fees should be presented to MSA to secure the applicant’s place as a regular MSA student.

Preferred Regular Admission scores are considerably higher than Early Admission scores. Last year, the minimum percentage for admission to Mass Communications, Management & Languages was 60%, Engineering was 70%, Biotechnology and Computer Science 65%, Pharmacy and Dentistry was 80%.


  • _Graduation Diploma.
  • _Official Transcript.
  • _Stamped SAT minimum score as set by the Ministry of Higher Education. (SATI 1200).
  • _Preparatory Stage Certificate OR proof of 12 years of education OR proof of the last 3 years in an American System School

Stamped SAT II is optional, and the minimum accepted score is 1100.

English Language Requirements: English Language Admission Test (ELAT) determines the academic load of each student. Students applying for the Faculties of Dentistry, Biotechnology, Engineering and Pharmacy, scoring English 80 will register for an intensive English course at the Faculty of Languages for their first year.