Letter from the School Principal

As we begin our 7th year of operation I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community, the parents, the students, and the staff for their dedication to the school and for their continued support in the pursuit of our goals.

As a school we have accomplished quite a bit in our first 6 years. Currently, we are fully accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), one of three accreditation agencies that fall under the auspices of AdvancEd. We are also proud to be an authorized IB Diploma World School. Now, in our 7th year, we will once again undergo reaccreditation by AdvancED. That will occur in March of 2017. In addition, the school will host an accreditation officer in October from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Both NCA CASI and Middle States are recognized by the United States Department of Education as certified accreditation agencies.

We are now proud to say that our school has graduated 4 classes of students who are doing well at the university level, both in Egypt and abroad in the United States and Europe. We believe that we are improving the overall quality of our educational experience for our kids but realize that we have much more that we can still do. Such improvements are not realized by a single person but rather require the commitment and leadership of students, parents, and staff members. Certainly, much of the school’s success to date can be attributed to the school staff’s commitment to ensuring that student learning is most important; however, I would be remiss without acknowledging the leadership and effort of many of our former administrators and staff who were instrumental in keeping the school committed to its goals.

The mission, while having been refined and revised, has not changed significantly since the inaugural year of operation. We have worked to integrate the values and learner profile attributes of the IB philosophy into our mission and vision. Thus, the school remains committed to developing students who are life-long learners and who are equipped with the habits of mind and the critical thinking skills to succeed in the real world. In addition, the school strives to help our students develop into global citizens who are caring, open-minded, principled, and who will be able to solve problems, some of which we cannot even identify at the present.

To accomplish these ends, the school must work in partnership with parents and other members of the community. Instruction must be based on best-practice learning strategies which are designed to be student-centered. The school must set high learning expectations and provide learners with ample opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency with the concepts and skills that are targeted for each respective grade level and course. Teachers will be expected to focus on the continuous improvement of their students and to collaborate with their colleagues to develop their respective teacher tool-kits. Finally, any decision taken by the school and its staff should be directly related to the improvement of student learning.

I look forward to working with each of you in the upcoming school year and will strive to make Global Paradigm International School a safe and civil learning environment for your children.

Best always,
Raymond Lowery
School Principal