Letter from the School Principal

GPIS professional staff strives to empower our students to become critical,independent thinkers equipped with the skills to be active participants in the global society. The school endeavors to help our students develop into good citizens who are caring, open-minded, principled, and able to solve problems. Our aim is to help students develop on all levels; intellectual, emotional, social and physical. During every stage of our students' academic journey we strive to provide the finest educational instruction while instilling a passion for learning, a capacity for critical thinking and a sense of civic responsibility. The school sets high learning expectations and provides learners with ample opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency with the concepts and skills that are targeted for each respective grade level and course.

We believe that parents are essential partners in the educational process. Parents’ involvement develops a strong bond with their child and their teachers. It enables parents to have a better understanding of the school environment and knowledge of the information taught at school. Teachers’ mission is to focus on the continuous improvement of their students and to collaborate with their colleagues to develop theirrespective teacher tool-kits.
Thank you for the privilege of teaching your child. We look forward to meeting you and working together through a terrific year.

Best always,
Sanaa Shoukri
School Principal