About GPIS

Global Paradigm International School is a private international co-educational day school, which offers an educational program from Pre-K through Grade 12 for students of all nationalities. The school was founded in September 2009.


The school is owned by El-Rabwa Integrated for Educational Services, which is comprised of five shareholders. Two of the shareholders are on the Governing Board of Directors of the company. The school has its Board of Trustees which includes parents, school management, administrators, and teachers. The Board of Trustees works in coordination with the Governing Board of Directors of Al-Rabwa Company to ensure the stable flow of operations of the school.

School Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop young citizens with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. Within a caring, respectful environment, the school is committed to instill in each student a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges. Creative and research-based instructional techniques are used to enhance life-long learning. All aspects of the school’s organization, curricular, and co-curricular activities are student centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles.

The school offers broad and challenging educational programs to students to assist them in contributing their wisdom, compassion and leadership in a global society. Our school conditions students to become cultural relativists who accept other cultures and are open-minded to interact with them. The school community is committed to develop resilient and adaptable students who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and ethics to become socially responsible adults.

School Vision Statement

Global Paradigm International School is an international school committed to preparing distinguished students from Pre-K to G12 to excel in a future of their choice. In Global Paradigm International School the love and lure for learning is nurtured and fostered in a way where the individual acquires confidence and competence. In an enriched diverse community of students, teachers and parents, we at GPIS value every individual as an independent thinker and decision maker. We encourage respecting differences of others yet treasuring one’s own traditions and values in order to present a responsible, self content, and an assertive global citizen.


To fulfill the Mission Statement we aim:

  • To enable each student to develop personally, socially, aesthetically and intellectually through active and innovative learning experience
  • To promote the independence and sense of responsibility important for life in a changing world
  • To provide a secure moral framework where children can acquire the values which form the basis of a civilized society
  • To prepare students to play an active part in building a caring community
  • To develop knowledge, skills, concepts and appropriate attitudes in all aspects of the curriculum
  • To continue their development in literacy and numeracy across the curriculum
  • To develop their ICT skills in all areas of the curriculum
  • To develop study skills to acquire knowledge and be able to use it effectively
  • To enjoy learning for life

Student Objectives

  • Be equipped with inter-personal skills, e.g. empathy, respect, cooperation, tolerance
  • Take opportunities to develop self-awareness, self-discipline and self-esteem
  • Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Be able to question and argue rationally and develop skills in decision making, problem solving and personal organization
  • Develop skills and attitudes which will enhance their contribution to local and global citizenship
  • Acquire a wide range of skills for the world of work, for continuing education, for home and family
  • Have respect for the environment

Core Values

  • Honor: We value and honor individual diversity in our students. We support students to reach their potential, and to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to participate and thrive in any community.
  • Honesty & Respect: The principles of honesty and mutual respect are the foundation for our professional relationships which extends to our local and global community. We respect, support, care and value each member of our school community and collaboratively work to ensure that our commitment to honesty is reflected in our academic work.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible for the success of students, support of each other, and support of our community. GPIS teachers are dedicated to provide a life time learning experience every day. Students are encouraged to learn how to be responsible for their own learning, to be thinkers, communicators, balanced and risk-takers.
  • Tolerance: We are committed to a positive open-minded, balanced and reflective attitude which enhances self-esteem for students, staff, and families. Hence, we foster and instill the value of tolerance and accepting each other's diverse backgrounds, potentials and capabilities.
  • Commitment: We recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities. We view fellow staff members and students as part of our extended family. We are committed to providing our community with members who possess a strong sense of belonging and pride in their heritage. We are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse experiences understand the meaning and value of community, caring and the joy and importance of lifelong learning.
  • Creativity: We recognize the ability of our learners to be inquirers and thinkers who exhibit open-mindedness and knowledge combined with the appropriate level of risk-taking. We encourage students to be communicators who are principled, balanced and reflective when expressing their point of view.

Our school is committed to creating and maintaining a caring community in which:

  • The individual is valued and respected
  • All can achieve their potential
  • The climate is challenging and supportive
  • Effort and success are celebrated
  • Awareness of the local, national and international community is fostered